The Secret Blog Page

This page is just for me and you. A lil way to write messages to you and blog about the garbage going on this end while you’re on your travels. Thought it could be interesting….

Sunday 18th June 17

Well I’m sat here munching a sausage roll and sipping on a cuppa as I type this. It is scorching here today and I’m soon about to be heading into the garden to attempt to tame the small forest that has sprouted out of nowhere. Oh well I spose I’ll get to it after writing this lil thing.

Well had a good day yesterday, went into town and they had a few things going on, like a under the sea themed festival cracking off as well as a Poppy exhibition thing down at the Silk Mill, kind of a spin off from that thing they did in London last year, I believe the poppies were all made in Derby to so figure it’s about time they made it back here as I know there’s been a bit of a UK tour thing with it going on. I took a few lil snaps anyway and popped a couple on Instagram.

It was the wedding yesterday too, Maria looked gorgeous and as predicted I was danced off my feet all night, thankfully not all salsa too, we a good mix of 80’s dodgy dancing, a lil rock, R’n’b and well loads of stuff so spent pretty much all night on the dance floor, not bad considering I was stone cold sober all night with driving. I did have a couple of songs where I got to salsa with the bride and each time the floor cleared so, like shit no pressure guys, ta!

I woke up again from sleep today with 2 text messages that read, ‘been trying to text you…’, followed by ‘Helen’. Hmm seemed very real. Grabbed phone, no messages! Arrrggghhhh my subconscious is really playing tricks with me now lol. Before you went away we had a lil message exchange where you stated you thought that I thought we’d end up together one day, I think I kinda side stepped it a bit and probably never really answered it, but truth is, yes I do, I know it kinda sounds mad, but I really do think that one day, some how me and you will get it together. I really hope it’s the case, because if this lil time away from you has taught me anything so far it’s that you really are never far from my thoughts, I keep catching myself wondering what it is you’re doing right now, what experiences you’ve been having, how you might be feeling. When I came home last night I just stood outside for a while looking at the stars, it was a really clear night and found myself focusing on the brightest one and thinking of you, wondering if at some point over the last few days you may have done the same. I dunno, I’m probably just losing the plot completely but if there’s one thing I know in my heart without any shadow of a doubt it is the way I feel about you, and I’m afraid I can never see that changing.

Much love,

Jon xxx


Friday 16th June 17

Well hello again, okay I’ve still not decided if I’ll let you read this yet but in case I do, hello, otherwise I’m just talking to myself. Anyway this has been a long week. Hit salsa last night and that was alright but a bit of a quiet night really. Works been crawling along and I’ve been interviewing resident over more ASB poop wondering why I’ve not just walked out yet. Then I remember, the money is kinda useful and while I’m sorting out some other plans it’s probably handy to have an income coming in.

I went bed Wednesday night wearing my angel necklace (the counterpart of the one I gave you) and woke up Thursday morning to somehow find it had somehow got pulled over my head in the night and found itself at the bottom of my mattress. I have no idea how that happened but it did seem a lil odd as pulling it over my head is a tight fit especially lying down, hmmm oh well…

Also in other news I’ve had to listen to my mum swooning about how gorgeous the eyes are of this Richard character she has started seeing, she seems quite taken with him but I did have to explain to her that I don’t really want to know how gorgeous you think his eyes are etc. jeez. However I am taking the opportunity to use the situation to teach my mum proper etiquette when dating, i.e. not turning up to the other persons house unannounced. The amount of times my mum has turned up at a real bad time through not engaging brain when I’ve been dating folk, even worse if she’s brought her spare key with her and you’ve been in the throws of an extended passion session, ooops! So theres a simple threat in place, I will not turn up unannounced if she doesn’t and if she does then get ready for hell to pay as I will make her suffer and learn the hard way, lol!

Well I’ve got to head to bank to sort these cheques in morning followed my a mop cut and then a wedding reception in the evening. My mate Maria gets married tomorrow so I think I’ll be on Salsa dancing duty for her wedding as we have a jolly good boogie to the fast tunes. Don’t suppose you fancy being my plus one? Well may be a tad bit difficult this time so I’ll let you off, would of been nice though, truth is there’s no-one I’d rather take so on that logic, no-one else would do 🙂

Anyway I’ve been busy on and off with your blog all week too and it’s coming on well, just compiling it all in to a basic format and doing minor corrections but its proving sizeable for sure. Not halfway through yet and we’re at 46000 words and over 100 pages. We will need to discuss editing but I think that will have to wait til you get back.

Well it’s late and my eyes are failing so I’m going to call the ball and bid you goodnight. Call me daft but I really have been missing you. If I had any doubt about the way I felt about you it’s sure gone now. Ffs I even woke up this morning dreaming I received a text from you that said ‘You ok others.’ Yup I know it didn’t make the most sense but feck I thought it was real, woke up immediately and grabbed my phone to check, sadly it wasn’t, so basically I’m missing you that much I’m now dreaming messages, oh boy!

Monday 12th June 17

Well another Monday, which meant work, and boy was that fun. Found another incident had cracked of with street cone man resulting in hospital admission over the weekend as well as a 12 page document from psycho ASB guy regarding the events of the other week, I mean fucking die or get yourself a life… any who I figured fuck it, tossed it to one side after reading half a page and thought I’ll bother with it towards the end of the week when I can be arsed… or should that be if?

Well one thing work was useful for today was the use of it’s printer, haha, I figured I would try a little experiment in regards to using the works printer to pull off all your photo pics for an album and I got it working lovely, so much for network protection, lol, well the feckers owe me some perks I reckon.

With tests successful my intention is to print of the photos for the album throughout the rest of the week, that’s then jobby one done.

Meanwhile I’ve been going through your blog again and there are a couple of issues I’ve discovered, your April 30th link for Cambodia does nothing but bring up your pictures, I’m guessing it’s a n issue from when you put each countries pics in their own lil kodak thingy so I think you may have duplicated the link name and so I can’t access the original text, so there’s a lil jobby for you to correct when you get a mo.

It’s kinda illuminating reading all of this bloggy stuff of yours, a lovely lil insight into you and your experiences though I must admit it’s also made a few things you’ve talked about click into place and make a lil more sense to me to, I think it’s fair to say you fascinate me 🙂

Anyway I figure I best go before I get all mushy as you really have no idea how much I with I could just squish with you right now but hey maybe another time… well here’s hoping anyway.

Much love xx

Sunday 11th June 17

Okay, this is even weirder than I thought, I look at my phone and no messages, where you go? Oh yes of course I forget temporarily you’re off saving the Toighties, lucky bleeders, they best appreciate it 🙂

Well yesterday I actually pulled out all your blog documents and made a start on compiling it in to a basic manuscript. To steal your phrase OMG, this is going to be a bigger job than I first thought, it’s a biggy but I think I’ll get the thing compiled in the next couple of weeks, I’m doing minor grammatical and spelling corrections as we go, tip amongst has no u in it, tehe and added in a few words here and there where you felt readers may be as psychic as you but don’t panic (I’ve highlighted minor additions in red so if you want to over ride them you can take them out again). I’m trying to be very careful to keep it all your natural free flowing work though I have got a Q sheet on the go with questions you are going to really need to answer and add into the book at a later date as we go so the readers can fully grasp what’s going on.

It’s been an entertaining read though and it’s serving a purpose of allowing some form of communication with you in a way while everything is in radio silence. I’m sure you’re having too much of a crazy fun time to think of lil ole me too much but at this end but it sure seems weird you not being around.

Meanwhile yesterday I also got approached on ebay by a customer wishing to purchase 4 candles. As it turns out I didn’t have them in stock but the guy confirmed his order this morning and stock has now been made and currently cooling on my dining room table ready to be labelled up and posted off Tuesday. I like to give the candles a day to sit and settle properly before moving them too much to harden them up and prevent cracking. That’s me £31 better off anyway. Which is kinda odd. I’ve actually had quite a wealthy week. With all the travel stuff going on I don’t think I got the chance to tell you but the moneys really been coming in of late, last Friday I received a cheque for £50 I wasn’t expecting for a share pay out, then two days after that I went into my Quidco account to find £150 cashback credited from something I did months ago when changing tv/broadband supplier and then Thursday I got a Pre-filled Credit Card delivered to me from BT that I think has somewhere between £120-£140 credit on it, so all in all that well over £300 I hadn’t expected all within a week. I’m starting to think Mr Universe has stuffed my order up because that’s not what I’ve been asking for, lol.

In other news I was finding myself very tempted in purchasing a camper van yesterday, it was it a very bright green but sooo cool, okay I may have got a bit carried away but I got on a roll looking at them and was very tempted to place a bid. I am actually watching a blue one on ebay right now at £6500, it’s insides need redoing but it sounds good mechanically and I figure I can do the insides out myself, I will continue to watch, 4 days remaining, very tempting currently but I expect it’ll probably go for closer to £12-15k.

Yesterday was also a day for business ideas aplenty. I was thinking of all your picture stuff you sent me and thought well there’s really a lot that can be done to promote this stuff so I had the following ideas.

  1. A practical album containing photo’s of all available works, this could be useful if you ever attend venues like craft fairs etc where people may be tempted to place an order.
  2. I also thought I’d put together a digital catalogue of your stuff complete with watermarks that I figured may also be useful.
  3. Finally I got an idea regarding attendance at arts/craft fairs and having the photo’s displayed cycling on a digital photo frame to help show your works.
  4. I am also thinking of maybe getting a variety of items printed as stock, but I’ll talk to you before doing any of this as it’s your stuff and I don’t want to tread on toes but i figure you need to be able to show people tactile examples of stuff in order to get orders. Things such as printed mugs, coasters, jigsaws, all stuff I think we once talked about a while back with the whole coffee shop idea.

Talking of that old coffee shop idea, I had a bit of a chat with Elaine last night and well it’s kinda funny who people know sometimes, think Elaine would quite like a job if it ever happens. Needless to say I’m going to be looking into some options for it, I know you had somewhat cooled on the idea yourself but I figure no harm in checking out a business plan idea based on it, sometimes it’s good to have options after all. Especially with some of the healing ideas I’ve had which we could tap into should you find the idea tempting enough to get involved with it after all.  If that wasn’t odd enough remember I told my best mate Ant about it weeks ago when we were chatting a lot about the idea, well he got in touch with me out of the blue this morning and his text said simply ‘When you decide to open your shop/cafe let me know as I’d love a job’ a sign maybe???

Well I’ve rattled on enough for now so I’ll shut up and get a brew on, it’s about 7.51 am where you are as I type this so I figure you could probably murder a nice cuppa 🙂

Waffle again soon xx


Friday 9th June 17

Well it’s now been over 24 hours since our last contact, and that’s officially the longest time we haven’t been in touch since getting of that boat the best part of 2 and a half months back. Talking about that, ahem where was my good bye message? I mean really, shocking behaviour now.

Anyways I have had a rather interesting (used loosely) day. Work was the usual drag with the added cherry of having to meet with a persistent irritating customer of mine who is always trying to get his neighbour in grief with ASB claims, who had left a voicemail requesting me to meet with him. I arrived at his door expecting it to be something daft which is exactly why I didn’t tell him when I’d be coming. I got there and low and behold I was right the total incident involved his neighbour walking out of her house with the dog, the dog on a lead and was barking at him and the neighbour saw him staring and simply said he doesn’t like you (twice). This proved enough for him to call out the local PCSO who understandably was none to impressed. I am now expecting to have a rather interesting conversation with the said PCSO on how to handle this guy, he’s a fricking loon, I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve had to come out to this guy.

I also went and did a Risk assessment with a resident who started to talk to me about healing, and his experiences of being a healer, it was a very odd conversation and one completely brought up by this guy, the RA actually only took 15 mins but I just let him talk about his healing thing for a while and it was a further 45 mins later before I left, he’s had a very interesting few experiences, I thought of you straight away and I know you would of loved hearing it all I’m sure

Following that it was a night at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham to take my Mum to see Mrs Brown’s Boys, it was a part of her Christmas present. It was alright and mum enjoyed it but to be honest I was very annoyed as none of the material was even new stuff, like who puts on a show and does not write new stuff for it? It was all stuff previously seen on the T.V. so I will now never ever buy tickets to that again, complete waste of time.

Anyway made it home finally about 23.30pm and found myself talking to a very depressed Elaine, some of the stuff she’s having to deal with is very heavy, very ingrained, quite tragic and dealing with it now is opening up a lot of long closed wounds. She’s held so much in for so long, bottling it all up and keeping it to herself that over the years it’s gradually destroyed her. It’s painful facing things now but for the first time in a very long time she’s starting to feel again, I think something me and you can both relate to holding things in and burying issues but I guess she’s a shining example of why this is not a great way of handling things as eventually like it or not, these things have a way of bursting out eventually. Well hours later I think I finally dozed off about 2.30am with phone in my hand, it’s been a tough day and a tougher night in some ways and I’m not ashamed to admit it and as daft as it may sound to you but Hel, I’ve really missed you tonight.