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Castle of Pain

Emptiness surrounds a hollow place that once teamed with life.

Where there was once energy and laughter there is now only fierce decay.

Intense, impassioned conversations that once took just a few minutes

Now linger fractious for what can seem like hours.

Walls are erected brick by brick, the reinforced stone barriers defending the precious darkness within.

I fight hard with every weapon to break through, trying to cast a stray ray of light to ignite the dried up embers in waiting.

Sometimes at night, cracks form within the ice that encase the cold deserted battlements,

Only to freeze once again in the dawn sunlight of each new day.

A deep loneliness wells inside, overwhelming all that which dares to be good.

An impassioned healer in desperate need of healing herself.

Fears of being hurt forces the fragile secrets to stay safely locked inside.

Vulnerability is no option, the resulting pain just kills too much.

Until the strength is found to lower the drawbridge, life will never truly be lived again.

A clipped winged Angel, resting wearily in the darkness, too scared to free its crying soul.


Well as I write this it’s gone 2am and I should probably be thinking about getting some sleep, but I’ve been struck down by a bit of late night inspiration so thought I’d leave you with a little tale before bed.

A Gargoyle’s Tale

The stone Gargoyle gazes down on the churchyard. A role now dutifully performed from it’s spire side residence for what had now been the best part of a hundred years. For the most part of its meagre existence its presence had only been given a glancing thought, gifted by a mourning father, mother, sister or brother or on rare occasion a newlywed husband or wife. Simply an ornate gothic sculpture, cold and soulless.

A witness to every joy and sorrow held within the hallowed walls of this powerful religious symbol. A silent watcher. Forever learning. Studying the make up of man, of woman, of human weakness.

Evening falls. A child cries weeping for his fallen mother. A struck down victim of life’s cruel game. The bus didn’t see her and by the time she had seen it, it was already too late, still she had the presence of mind to push her little boy to safety, she had saved him, but she’d paid the ultimate price.

‘Hey child!’ The boy alone in an empty churchyard surveys the area clearly startled. He forces back his sobs as he gazes around in a paralysed fear, ‘Who’s there?’

‘My child I am Gargoyle, look up and you shall see’

Staring up the child sees the weathered stone sculpture, lifeless and grey. The boy screams out again unbelieving ‘Who’s there, where are you?’

The Gargoyles voice echo’s on the wind ‘I have told you, you have seen, you simply choose not to believe. You miss your mother, I’ve seen you here before. I can make her breathe again, would you like that? Would you like to see your poor mother breathe again?’

Confused but hopeful the child looks up and stares once again at the motionless figure ‘Yes, I wish for that every day, but how? How could that happen?’

The Gargoyle growls softly ‘How can a carved lump of sandstone speak? The how is unimportant. I can make it happen, you can see her again. Just a simple trade, If you agree I’ll give my soul for yours and in return I will breathe her new life? The choice is yours?’

The child wiping the salty tears from his eyes looks at the humble grave of his poor mother. Without thinking, excited by the prospect of being reunited will his fallen protector he agrees and then all goes dark.

Moments pass. Finally the child gently re-opens his eyes to see a small boy standing by the side of beautiful young woman, a woman he instantly recognises, he strains to scream her name ‘Mum’ but no sounds are heard, no words are spoken. The child seems familiar, it’s him, how can this be. The stone gargoyle weeps dry tears as his mother takes her new son home.


Night night & Rest well…