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Angels Words

Posted: April 23, 2017 in Dark Poetry
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A realm of tiny voices spear you from all directions,

Feeding doubts and anxiety, an escalation of madness.

A path once clear seems now hopelessly complex.

Everyone wants, everyone takes, what about you?

A feint in the dark for something to reach out too.

A drive for something better.

Can it be that anyone really cares for you, the things you need?

You doubt all those around you, clawing for a piece.

Those allies you once cared for now slowly ushered away.

Who to trust?

Who to care for?

Will anyone stand the course?

Being alone is so much easier, no need to care, only be.

With eyes closed and heart crated safely you take the leap.

Stretching your fear to the brink of a righteous dare.


A lone voice calls out.

Truth from beyond.

Follow the angels words.

He will guide you home.


Storm Front

A heavy storm fronts set in
Long gone are the beautiful rays of sun
All is now just overcast and grey
With no sign of it letting up anytime soon
Frequent showers of rain expected
At least no-one will see my tears

Vacant Smile

A vacant smile adorns a lost face
Bravely fighting back tears that no-one should see
A toughened masquerade masking a wilted heart
Dreams in tatters
Mind haunted by the ghosts of good times past
Recounting the moments
Torturing the soul
They both wielded paths in different directions
Left with little choice
He had to let her go
Still if that’s how the plan had to play
Day on day
Why does the pain still grow?
Why does the…
Where’s the meaning?
This vacant smile adorns a lost face
Today’s mask cracks a solitary tear
Tomorrow it may finally crumble

A nice little tongue in cheek poem before bed. If this doesn’t help ensure a good nights sleep I can’t think what will!!!

Creature Comforts

A million little friends they share your home
Residing in the cracks they’re free to roam
Some like to share your bed with you
They hate for you to be alone
Some are sure to take a snack from you
Your blood and skin to be there own
A thriving nest of tiny feet
Though they like to be discreet
Your inadvertent bedtime treat
Are those you accidentally eat
A spiders web, a dust mites nest, a solitary beetle
A feisty flea, a lonely lice, a rampant racing weevil
Each one will keep you company
Help make your house a home
They may cause you to scratch and itch
And for rashes you be prone
But treat them nice and treat them kind
For they just want to be your friend
For when you’ll die they’ll feast on you
By your side until your end

Rest Well…

Just a quick poem before bed, enjoy your bedtime cup of Java and rest well…


Voices echo
A chorus of unintelligible sounds
A viral wash of noise
Tens of nameless faces
Some seemingly barely alive
Totally void of emotion
All wandering through the day barely aware of each others existence
Brought together in one place at random
Any reason?
Will everyone still be alive tomorrow?
Could this be one last final beverage for one of them?

A sudden disturbance
A fall from a chair
All noise goes silent
Breathing ceases
Heart stops
It seems my coffee will be left to go cold!

Music: Frozen Silence by Cherish

Hello 🙂

I decided to try doing my first ever video and well here’s the result. The poem is an old favourite of mine that I wrote a few years ago and I think this little video breaths some fresh haunting life back in to it. If you enjoy this poem and wish to read some of my older material please take a look at the My Books section on this blog where you’ll be able to find links to download 3 of my dark poetry anthologies through Amazon.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Music: Mars by Misha Mishenko


I wearily close my eyes, as the darkness of night falls,

On yet another lonely day, trapped again within these walls.

I reach out to light a candle, and watch intently at its flame,

As the playful dancing light, seems to whisper out my name.

Calling me forever closer, pulling me now further in,

As I drift of to dream, from this tortured world of sin.

Consumed by the fire, releasing up my soul,

As my mind seems to wander, in a state of lost control.

In these moments of distraction, that my sanity’s now dealt,

The hours pass like seconds, as the candle slowly melts.

In a corner of my mind, the distant future’s what I glimpse,

Of a hell made in heaven, in a blood red rinse.

Where the angels of the Devil, scream violently in pain,

Their enduring satisfaction, redeeming pleasure as their gain.

Like the decaying of a corpse, or rose petals as it wilts,

The hours pass like seconds, as the candle slowly melts.

As I see beyond illusion, reality slips in again unseen,

These moments of gratification, alas was just a dream.

As I struggle against temptation, self preservation’s what I fight,

But this battle’s nearly over, and the end must fall tonight.

So as this burning mass of wax, nears the end of its belt,

My life will soon be over, as the candle slowly melts.

Ok here’s something a little more racey for a Bank Holiday evening. Hope you all enjoy the read. I’ve also popped an audio link at the end for those of you who prefer your poems read to you 🙂

Have I Found Her?

A seductive smile,
A cursory glance,
Caught up in the moment,
Lost in a trance.

Pulse quickly racing,
Heart beating fast,
So out of control,
Have I found her at last?

Leading me forward,
To a room at the back,
Door slams behind us,
As she starts her attack.

Kissing me softly,
Caressing my face,
As I hold her tightly,
In passions embrace.

Clothes on the floor,
Form our amorous bed,
Bliss enslaved moans,
Echo inside my head.

Control long surrendered,
As she takes what she wants,
I’m her willing victim,
Baiting her lustful taunts.

Writhing in pleasure,
In Delectable joy,
I could live forever,
As her loving toy.

Then pain penetrates me,
Blood starts to stream,
My love I will join you,
In immortal dream.

Have I Found Her – The Audio Link:

Greetings Blog, well I figured seeing as I’ve got this thing up and going I should probably post some new stuff. If you like what you read and fancy indulging in some dark themed poetry please feel free to check out some of my older stuff in the ‘My Books’ section where there’s 3 Poetry Anthologies available to download from Amazon for a truly bargain basement price 🙂

For the lazy ones among you here’s an audio link if you prefer 🙂

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to post any feedback, good or bad it all is worth a ponder. Rest well…

Behind the Porcelain Face

Behind the porcelain face
Lie the tears of a broken doll

Crying in silence
Drowning in despair
Binded from movement
With no-one to care

A picturesque plaything
An inanimate toy
In a glazen clay prison
Devoid of all joy

Watching on frozen
With no words to speak
An unseen stranger
A long forgotten antique

No end to the torment
No hope to be free
All dreams long shattered
By a mystic decree

An immortal existence
Paralysed in reform
The permanent calm
in an everlasting storm

This porcelain plaything
Cracking from the inside
On a chair left perched
Forever put to one side