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Castle of Pain

Emptiness surrounds a hollow place that once teamed with life.

Where there was once energy and laughter there is now only fierce decay.

Intense, impassioned conversations that once took just a few minutes

Now linger fractious for what can seem like hours.

Walls are erected brick by brick, the reinforced stone barriers defending the precious darkness within.

I fight hard with every weapon to break through, trying to cast a stray ray of light to ignite the dried up embers in waiting.

Sometimes at night, cracks form within the ice that encase the cold deserted battlements,

Only to freeze once again in the dawn sunlight of each new day.

A deep loneliness wells inside, overwhelming all that which dares to be good.

An impassioned healer in desperate need of healing herself.

Fears of being hurt forces the fragile secrets to stay safely locked inside.

Vulnerability is no option, the resulting pain just kills too much.

Until the strength is found to lower the drawbridge, life will never truly be lived again.

A clipped winged Angel, resting wearily in the darkness, too scared to free its crying soul.


The swirl of fragmented hopes
Crippled dreams
Vibrantly happy memories
Heartfelt words
All crash to a chorus of tears

Loss is a cruel mistress
Regretful ill considered choices
A heart violently raped
Void of the blissful happiness
That once kept it strong

The lunacy of silence
A soul held in contempt
Unknowingly why
Words will they ever be spoken?
How to converse when only one will speak?

Her beauty captured my heart
Her happy laugh my soul
Her loving smile etched forever
In my eyelids as I sleep
In my nightmares as I cry

Yet through all the pain
I’d do it all again
Regardless of the ending
For those times were the happiest
And the most loved I’ve known


No More

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Dark Poetry
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Break the silence
Kill the fears
Speak the truth
Expel the tears
Release the anger
Free the rage
Harm the self
Serate your cage
Take the beating
You’ve lost the fight
Now close your eyes
Sleep at last tonight


Give me a second

A moment of peace

A break from the hurting

For all pain to cease

A rest from regret

And self blame to pass

A lull to the heartache

Pause the nightmare at last

Give me a second

Please that’s all I ask

Then a little longer tomorrow

So I can lay down this mask


A desolate place

A land once so vibrant, active, alive

Now lies in ruins, empty, silent

The weeds have already started to spread and grow

Consuming the last tell tale signs that this once was a happy place

Decaying remnents of memories crumbling to dust

Echos of laughter and fun fading into nothingness

The happy faces long gone

Sweet tasting air turned bitter

Regretful decisions born from fear and confusion

Demonised and polluted this once happy place

Thick mistrust clouding the once blue skies

Layered with doubts and misguided second guesses

Cracks form on the playground pavement

Chasms slowly forming

While buildings of happiness, love and friendship

Collapse under the burdening weight of life’s lost hope

Forgiveness has left and is nowhere to be found

Second chances simply a risk too far


Hopes crushed

A pessimistic mind ruled by an iron claw

This place once so joyful

Now lies cordoned and condemned




My now worthless heart!

One Living Mistake

Idiot fool
Mistake after mistake
How can always trying to do the right thing
Always turn out so wrong
How to know when its right to be true to your heart?
Your mind?
Your soul?
I never seem to get it right
I just cause hurt
To others
To myself
A rollercoaster of pain
When I’m happy
I throw it away like worthless rubbish
Then drown in the regret that follows
Always leaving it too late
Living in fear
Too scared to say what’s true until the moments gone
A few weeks ago I used to like myself
Now sorrow makes me wish I was no-where to be found
With luck I shall sleep tonight

Storm Front

A heavy storm fronts set in
Long gone are the beautiful rays of sun
All is now just overcast and grey
With no sign of it letting up anytime soon
Frequent showers of rain expected
At least no-one will see my tears

Loves Remorse

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Love & Loss Poems
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Loves Remorse

I’ve been home now two hours
All I’ve seemed to do is cry
Mind filled with you
Struggling with your reasons why
Fearing for the worst
That you’ll never change your mind
Dreading now the day
Where your heart will close the blind
All I want to do is love you
And have you love me in return
For us to be a family
And for this pain to stop its burn
I love you so completely
The sort I know could never die
When I say I want you back for life
Please trust it’s not a lie
For I want you for forever
And never want to let you go
The mistake I’ve made is great I know
Believe me I regret it so