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A nice little tongue in cheek poem before bed. If this doesn’t help ensure a good nights sleep I can’t think what will!!!

Creature Comforts

A million little friends they share your home
Residing in the cracks they’re free to roam
Some like to share your bed with you
They hate for you to be alone
Some are sure to take a snack from you
Your blood and skin to be there own
A thriving nest of tiny feet
Though they like to be discreet
Your inadvertent bedtime treat
Are those you accidentally eat
A spiders web, a dust mites nest, a solitary beetle
A feisty flea, a lonely lice, a rampant racing weevil
Each one will keep you company
Help make your house a home
They may cause you to scratch and itch
And for rashes you be prone
But treat them nice and treat them kind
For they just want to be your friend
For when you’ll die they’ll feast on you
By your side until your end

Rest Well…