Current Projects

Here are some of my current projects and how they are progressing.


‘The Masonic Plague – Part One’ is the debut novel written in collaboration between myself and Anthony D. Redden (a Derbyshire based  writer of Dark Fiction). It is set in the dirty street of Victorian London during the hysteria surrounding the Ripper murders. However this story is about a very much more terrifying and unimaginable horror. Following the exploits of a powerful socialite on a quest for immortality and the Police Inspector whom is dragged into a world of horror and pain that he never dared dream of. Everyone is a victim in this horrific battle for survival, but who will be the last man standing?

This novel is now finished and has just gone through the first phase of editing, all 61 blood tingling Chapters. Currently undergoing some further tweaking and then the journey to publishing it begins in earnest.


DILLON (Provional Title Only)

A new sci-fi/comedy mini-novel project set around a mechanoid named Dillon… Arrrrr hahhhh Saviour of the universe!



‘Shadow Walkers’ is a horror film script I’m currently working on set in modern day England. The story focuses on Joe Brooks, an elderly man suffering early dementia symptoms who has just moved into his new home. Quickly Joe begins to notice strange occurrences in the home, glimpses of shadows and a number of apparently typical deaths but are they all quite as normal as they first appear?



Blackout is a sci-fi/horror series aimed at late teen/adult audience. This series combines ideas derived from lore of the supernatural as well as religious mythology to create a fast paced, character driven, absorbing and original TV series set in a rural town in modern England.

The series centres around Amy Frost, a young woman who awakens from the grave with no knowledge of reason, or purpose to what has happened. However it soon becomes apparent she has awakened with a visionary gift/curse. A chance event leads to her meeting Jon, a man in his mid 30’s who initially takes her under his wing believing her to simply be nothing more than a troubled girl with no family, but who’s acquaintance will turn out to have a major impact on both his and Amy’s very existence. Other regular characters include a rather innocent old man, with more than to him than first appears and a white dog named Halo who along with Jon make up a supernatural triangle of protection from the mysterious shadow people that seem to have an evil agenda of there own.

Incorporating a vivid mix of religious mythology, legend and fictitious conspiracy theories this series will follow Amy Frost a young 21 year old girl, risen from the grave 13 years after her death on a mysterious and supernatural journey to find the dark truth surrounding her reanimation and the dangers she will have to face to help ensure human kinds ultimate survival.

The Pilot episode is available to any interested parties.


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