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It’s been almost a year since I last posted or updated this blog. Call it writers block or simply life’s cruel habit of getting in the way. It’s been eventful, exhilarating and at times heartbreaking, there’s been some emotional times, the passing of a close and dear friend, the birth and death of a relationship I held dear and the slow demise of a work colleagues health which has finally now met its untimely end. Amongst these emotional events there’s also been some amazing unexpected experiences, the highlight being an unforgettable Baltic cruise  loaded with cultural delights and the accomplishment of completing a long held personal goal in achieving my Diploma in Counselling.

Still with these trials, distractions and experiences slowly fading in to the past the way has once again been set clear for me to indulge my creative urges.

I’m currently working on writing a screenplay for a horror film while work on the Masonic Plague with my good friend ReflectingEye slowly continues. In between this as normal though, the odd poem continues to leak out and one such realisation makes up my return post ‘Vacant Smile’ I hope you enjoy and would love to hear any  thoughts or feedback you’d like to share.