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Right well, think it’s fair to say I’ve taken just a little bit of a break from blogging over the last couple of years but exciting times are upon us once more and the need to write and generally waffle seems to be back in abundance.

Anyway the intention is that I’ll be adding some new content on here again in the coming weeks, expect it to be a little dark, possibly a little emotional at times to but that’s the way life is at times I guess.

As well as writing my musings on here following the Completion of ‘The Masonic Plague’ finally, and a few busy months of editing. Me and co-writer extraordinaire Anthony D Redden have decided to give the book its own page to allow you to follow us, help us and generally have a good waffle with us as we embark on the torturous journey of trying to get the blasted thing published.

So please follow us on our new page ‘The Masonic Plague’ and we look forward to receiving all your questions, queries, critique and we invite you to share a laugh or two with us on our journey as it’s sure to have some ups and downs for sure.

Speak to you all again soon.



After 8 years in the making Masonic Plague – Part One is finally nearing its completion. Co-written with my good friend Tony Redden and consisting of over 100,000 words of the darkest horror you are ever likely to to uncover in one place you are gaurenteed one hell of a journey…

Further details to follow shortly…

It’s been almost a year since I last posted or updated this blog. Call it writers block or simply life’s cruel habit of getting in the way. It’s been eventful, exhilarating and at times heartbreaking, there’s been some emotional times, the passing of a close and dear friend, the birth and death of a relationship I held dear and the slow demise of a work colleagues health which has finally now met its untimely end. Amongst these emotional events there’s also been some amazing unexpected experiences, the highlight being an unforgettable Baltic cruise  loaded with cultural delights and the accomplishment of completing a long held personal goal in achieving my Diploma in Counselling.

Still with these trials, distractions and experiences slowly fading in to the past the way has once again been set clear for me to indulge my creative urges.

I’m currently working on writing a screenplay for a horror film while work on the Masonic Plague with my good friend ReflectingEye slowly continues. In between this as normal though, the odd poem continues to leak out and one such realisation makes up my return post ‘Vacant Smile’ I hope you enjoy and would love to hear any  thoughts or feedback you’d like to share.


Greetings all,

Ok well here’s the deal. I’m looking to put together a new video showcasing pictures, paintings, scupltures and photo’s of death, dying and suffering as a back drop to a new dark poem/story that I hope will be inspired by the art provided.

So if you would be happy to have your work included please comment and provide me a link to view the work and I’ll get back to all those who would like to participate. If there’s multiple examples you’d like me to consider just provide links to all of it, as long as it’s your own work I’ll be happy to consider all postings for inclusion.

Please also pass the word and feel free to invite all your arty, photography type friends to participate just give them the link to this blog and get them to follow. If this goes well I’ll be hoping to do many more collaborations such as this in the future to celebrate our joint creativity. It should be fun and a great way of showcasing all our talents at the same time!

Thank you all & Rest Well…