Have I Found Her?

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Dark Poetry, Media Entries
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Ok here’s something a little more racey for a Bank Holiday evening. Hope you all enjoy the read. I’ve also popped an audio link at the end for those of you who prefer your poems read to you 🙂

Have I Found Her?

A seductive smile,
A cursory glance,
Caught up in the moment,
Lost in a trance.

Pulse quickly racing,
Heart beating fast,
So out of control,
Have I found her at last?

Leading me forward,
To a room at the back,
Door slams behind us,
As she starts her attack.

Kissing me softly,
Caressing my face,
As I hold her tightly,
In passions embrace.

Clothes on the floor,
Form our amorous bed,
Bliss enslaved moans,
Echo inside my head.

Control long surrendered,
As she takes what she wants,
I’m her willing victim,
Baiting her lustful taunts.

Writhing in pleasure,
In Delectable joy,
I could live forever,
As her loving toy.

Then pain penetrates me,
Blood starts to stream,
My love I will join you,
In immortal dream.

Have I Found Her – The Audio Link:

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  2. Thanks for the support 🙂

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