No Win

Posted: April 16, 2018 in Dark Poetry

52DF7641-5B66-40E3-9C00-53DFBBB1A02AWhatever I do I lose

Protect myself and push that which I love away

Pretend like all is fine and deny my feelings and the being I am

There is no easy path

I lose either way!


The Witherman

Posted: July 6, 2017 in Dark Poetry

The Witherman

The Witherman shelters in the dark
Retreating to a damp, cold corner on the left

Solace but a distant memory
His heart and soul picked at by ravenous crows
Leaving little but scared and torn remains

Feeling beyond salvation
So much given of himself, for so long
Seldom worth the resulting sorrow and pain
but still he gives unconditionally

He loves completely
Regardless of the careless hurt and anger thrown his way
He asks for so little but seldom receives so much as a kind word
Sacrifices it all,
A being of eternal last priority

The Witherman cowers waiting for the next assault
The hammer blow to break him one last time
Still he knows he will endure
A sentence to face with little hope of reward
But still he loves unconditionally

The belief in the dream unwavered
It will be worth it
And if not…
He will perish knowing he did all he could
He can never walk away nor give up
A lost cause to anything other than a happy ending.

Cradle of Peace

Posted: June 30, 2017 in Dark Poetry


Cradle of Peace

Each day I hold you cradled carefully within my heart
Some days you rest serene at peace
Though for most it seems you uncoil your spines…
Sharpened Knifes with serated edges that hack blindly and instinctively at each tender bind
A gasping heart is left bleeding
Desperately clinging on to that last tender thread
As it frays and vibrates menacingly
Steadfastly refusing to let go
Unable to give up
Patching over the wounds to selflessly cradle that torturous soul once again
In the name of love
In the name of hope
In the name of selfless devotion
Let me try and make it right
I know I can


Posted: May 28, 2017 in Dark Poetry


Breathing feels pointless,

Everything you love ripped away from you.

In a string of thoughtless words,

Lies that bare little resemblance to the truth.

I guess some people have to believe what they have to believe.


Please Let the Walls Come Down

You got a wall built so high. Keeping people out, protecting yourself from feeling too much or getting too hurt. I know you don’t need to worry about protecting yourself from me but clearly right now you do. So I swear I’m going to grab every tool I can find to chip away at the stone, remove each brick by hand, one by one if I have to for as ever long as it takes. Feck I’ll even resort to dynamite if I must. Whatever it takes to reach that heart again I’m going to do it because you’ve already taken mine, merged them somehow and now I need to get it back. Not to steal it away or break it apart but to be complete again and watch it grow with you.

I am already yours. Please don’t keep pushing me away, I can’t go anywhere. After all you have my heart!

“I’m now totally vulnerable in your arms. Now you just need to find the strength to let go and be totally vulnerable in mine, and I promise you, you will never feel alone again.”

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Castle of Pain

Emptiness surrounds a hollow place that once teamed with life.

Where there was once energy and laughter there is now only fierce decay.

Intense, impassioned conversations that once took just a few minutes

Now linger fractious for what can seem like hours.

Walls are erected brick by brick, the reinforced stone barriers defending the precious darkness within.

I fight hard with every weapon to break through, trying to cast a stray ray of light to ignite the dried up embers in waiting.

Sometimes at night, cracks form within the ice that encase the cold deserted battlements,

Only to freeze once again in the dawn sunlight of each new day.

A deep loneliness wells inside, overwhelming all that which dares to be good.

An impassioned healer in desperate need of healing herself.

Fears of being hurt forces the fragile secrets to stay safely locked inside.

Vulnerability is no option, the resulting pain just kills too much.

Until the strength is found to lower the drawbridge, life will never truly be lived again.

A clipped winged Angel, resting wearily in the darkness, too scared to free its crying soul.


Don’t Worry Darling

Don’t worry darling, I know it will all be okay.

Though things may now seem hard and dark, there is always a way.

There’s never any shame, in feeling lost and overwhelmed.

You only need to be yourself, there’s no need to pretend.

You may retreat inside yourself or even push others away.

But those that care will never leave and stand by you everyday.

They may not always get it right and sometimes push a little hard.

They’ll often fumble, clumsy in the dark, as they battle with your guard.

For when you need me, you’ve got someone to listen,

Anytime, all day, all night.

There’s nothing you could ever say, to make me leave you from this fight.

Just be a little patient and I’ll promise I’ll try to.

You’re going to so get through this, and make all those dreams of yours come true.

There’s no barrier you can’t overcome, no solution we can’t find.

And you can tell me anything at all, whatever’s on your mind.

So take a breath and calm yourself, just let the emotions flow.

If not with me then someone else, but please let those worries go.

Floating In A Dream Abstract Girl Ilustration Desktop Wallpaper

Journey Through a Dream

Breathe a little deeper, feel the emptiness subside

Sleep a little sweeter, creep inside the great divide

Breaking with reality, your consciousness in release

A dream world nominee, and a fragile mind at peace

Hiding in the corners, as your sanity’s undone

Lost amongst the mourners, a vacant faced someone

Eating at your soul, tearing your insides

Unsure about your role, the tortured images misguides

The truth is often clouded, the true meaning never seen

Secrets deeply shrouded, within the violence of the dream

Colours grey but understood, your senses overblown

A vision screaming out in blood, as you wake up all alone

Angels Words

Posted: April 23, 2017 in Dark Poetry
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A realm of tiny voices spear you from all directions,

Feeding doubts and anxiety, an escalation of madness.

A path once clear seems now hopelessly complex.

Everyone wants, everyone takes, what about you?

A feint in the dark for something to reach out too.

A drive for something better.

Can it be that anyone really cares for you, the things you need?

You doubt all those around you, clawing for a piece.

Those allies you once cared for now slowly ushered away.

Who to trust?

Who to care for?

Will anyone stand the course?

Being alone is so much easier, no need to care, only be.

With eyes closed and heart crated safely you take the leap.

Stretching your fear to the brink of a righteous dare.


A lone voice calls out.

Truth from beyond.

Follow the angels words.

He will guide you home.